Sales Support

WebMobil24 offers sales reps many useful and time-saving functions from the part-exchange through to the resale of the vehicle.

Sales Support Component

The Sales Representative Workdesk covers almost the entire process chain in the car dealership: from the offer to the contract within a few minutes.

Whatever the activity, dealers only work in the virtual environment. Simply log in and all repeat daily tasks by the sales rep can be completed via this interface, including the purchase of company vehicles, exchange delivery, offer, purchase, sales and contracts.

The automatic response to vehicle enquiries using the Automated Exposé greatly facilitates the day-to-day business of the sales rep.

Enquiries received via the selected vehicle exchanges, e.g. Romoto,, AutoScout24 and many more, are automatically answered with a comprehensive exposé that introduces the car dealership and forwards all existing information about the applicable vehicle to the interested parties.

The WebMobil24 Inventory Management System online also has a Leads Management function in which the sales rep can track and process the vehicle enquiries easily.

Target audience

Sales support products are a great help on a day-to-day basis for manufacturers, importers, large car dealership groups and other WebMobil24 users.

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