Online Channels

Online channel products and services directly impact on the online marketing of vehicles and help ensure rapid sales.

Online Channels Component

Export Romoto offers free transfer of data to the high-performance vehicle exchange Romoto. Vehicle dealers also require a free account at WebMobil24, if they want to place ads on Romoto on a regular basis. The vehicle data can be imported quickly from common Dealer Management systems and shown on Romoto.

The WebMobil24 REST API offers a web service that allows easy and highly flexible searches of the inventory of a car dealership.

The interface can be used to integrate vehicle data into websites, portals and applications of any kind.

Vehicle Data Export is an exchange multiplier and transfers the vehicle inventory with all photos to all selected exchanges. Data only needs to be entered once and is presented uniformly in all booked exchanges.

There are more than 120 national and international exchanges for cars, lorries, motorcycles as well as manufacturer exchanges to choose from.

All WebMobil24 products are available in 28 languages thanks to the Translation 30 Languages function.

Most of the translations are provided by qualified translation offices.

All printing functions (SRW, WebMobil24 print centre, public vehicle printing screen) are also translated into all 28 languages.

You have everything you need for your online marketing activities with our Dealer Homepage, the Individual Frame Design and the Corporate Image Video.

Target audience

All car dealerships, large dealership groups, manufacturers, importers, insurance companies and anyone who markets vehicles online will profit from these services.