Market Analytics

WebMobil24 Analytics allows for detailed business analytics evaluations.
WebMobil24 Analytics is available in “Light,” “Professional” and “Enterprise” versions.

Highlights of WebMobil24 Analytics

  • Easily visualize data

  • Complex calculations directly and on-the-fly

  • Analyze billions of data sets in seconds

  • Create and distribute reports at set times via e-mail

  • Extract and analyze data subsets for external transmission

  • 100% integration into the WebMobil24 platform

Analytics offers dealers, dealership groups or manufacturers / importers the ability to view their data in detail, analyze vehicle inventories, view inquiry data and pricing developments as well as trends / forecasts based on their own inventory or the extensive archival data offered by WebMobil24 for past years. Modern technology allows users to easily and efficiently analyze and visualize large databases.

WebMobil24 has a constantly growing pool of data, that can be used to complete comprehensive statistical market analyses using a wide variety of parameters, such as

  • User behavior
  • Geo-data
  • Collection areas
  • Search parameters
  • Vehicle condition
  • Previous owners
  • Contact inquiries
  • etc.