Inventory Management

Full inventory management of the dealer’s entire vehicle marketing process from the part-exchange through to the resale of the vehicle.

The heart of the IMS is the vehicle management system that allows easy and extensive editing of the entire vehicle inventory.

Inventory Management Component

The data can be imported automatically from the most common Dealer Management Systems (DMS). The Vehicle Data Import of the WebMobil24 has more than 90 interfaces.

The Inventory Management System is available online and offline. Vehicle data updating is the core function. The online vehicle management function also allows access to all important functions.

The quality of our vehicle data is almost unique in the market. This is because the vehicle data of WebMobil24 is supplemented many times from various sources.

  • Import-Mapping
  • MI / OCN Request
  • VIN Data Request

When importing vehicle data from the respective dealer’s Dealer Management System, the equipment features of the vehicle are also transferred at the same time. In some cases, it may be beneficial to add additional information about the features.

These options for adding further data means that you can take create vehicle data that is above-average and, in this maximum optimised form, it can also be transferred to all selected exchanges.

Target audience

The Inventory Management System is interesting and useful for all WebMobil24 users.