Branded Exchange

A high-performance vehicle exchange for selling used cars offers the following benefits:

  • CD-conform implementation in line with the client’s instructions

  • Can be realised quickly

  • Inclusion in the respective vehicle inventory on other websites, e.g. the dealer websites of the sales network

  • Use of the most common import interfaces

  • Use of the most common import interfaces

  • Data can be exported into numerous national and international or free vehicle exchanges

Distribution channels for every need

WebMobil24 provides manufacturers and importers a modern, inexpensive and neutral vehicle exchange as a White Label product as an alternative to cost-intensive in-house developments.

Romoto is an in-house vehicle exchange and provides a high-performance platform for online vehicle marketing for both commercial and also private users. Commercial vendors require a free account at WebMobil24, if they want to place ads on Romoto on a regular basis.

Commercial vendors on Romoto have free access to WebMobil24 with the option of managing their vehicle inventory.

Target audience

  • Manufacturer

  • Importers

  • Large car dealership groups

  • Leasing companies

  • other vehicle marketers